Wednesday, July 4, 2012

End of Reboot

So, the Reboot Challenge ended awhile ago.  I managed to get quite a bit done around our house above and beyond the everyday grind.  My big trifecta tend to be laundry, dishes, and trash.  I feel like if I take a breather for one minute, my house (especially the kitchen) goes from pristine:

to a disaster zone:

It was good for me to have time to reset and get focused again on keeping my house organized.  One of the projects I undertook was organizing the pantry.  This was the only project of which I took a picture, and I only took the after.  It looks so much better and is so much more functional!

And of course, while I was doing that, the babies were doing this:

Hahahaha!  Gotta love it.  :-)

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