Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Family Affair

It is hard to believe that three years can pass so quickly.  Just three years ago at this time, Michael and I were leaving our rehearsal dinner, excited that the next time we would see one another, we would be joined as husband and wife.  After a fun-filled evening of stories and laughter from family members, it was impossible to forget that God had knit our stories together in a beautiful way.

The first time I went home to Orlando with Michael, less than two months before he proposed, we were floored to discover that he and I shared a great aunt and uncle.  His grandmother's sister was married to my grandfather's brother.  In addition to this, our grandfathers had been best friends in high school.  We had always known that we had similar backgrounds and upbringings...but that was just a little freaky to hear!

We were so fortunate to have family greatly involved in our beautiful wedding.  My mother-in-law shopped for weeks to put on a perfect rehearsal dinner. The beautiful Queen Anne's Lace in my bouquet was lovingly picked from the side of the highway by my grandmother in the July heat.  The arches and windows were painted late into the night by my dad and father-in-law.  My mom spent hours playing piano and working to get our music recorded exactly the way I had wanted.  Our siblings and cousins were great sports to rehearse in the hours before the wedding so that they could sing as they walked down the aisle. 

Everyone's efforts combined to form my dream wedding that incorporated many of my favorite things:  fireflies, broadway musicals, twilight (the time of day, not the book), and of course Lord of the Rings.  :-)