Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hunter's first birthday

**I started this draft a year ago and am now going to finish it and post it:

I cannot believe it has already been a year since our precious Hunter graced our lives.  I was so nervous on the way to the hospital, not knowing what to expect.  My breeze of a pregnancy should have let me know what was in the future: a fast and easy labor followed by the most perfect little girl.

Michael and I watched her playing the other day and tried to imagine what our lives would revolve around if we didn't have her.  She seems to bring more meaning and joy to anything we do.  This first year with her has been a whirlwind.  She has surprised us with her reddish hair and spunky personality.  She has impressed us with her strength (holding up her head from day 1...climbing the stairs at 7 months) and amused us with her sneakiness (getting the TV remote no matter where we hide it...watching all day for the bathroom door to be open for her perfect opportunity to get to the toilet...quietly opening cabinets so she can get to the pans before we realize it.)

**I had just become a stay-at-home-mom when I started planning Hunter's first birthday party.  I was so excited to make it the most special party ever!  We had friends at church who were in the hospital at the same time as us having their precious son.  He was born the day after Hunter, and at the time of their first birthdays, he had been battling brain cancer for several months and had been given just a few weeks left to live.  Out of respect for him and his parents, we decided to make Hunter's party a small family party.  I have not posted any of the pictures from her first birthday yet.  Our friends' son passed away on July 31, just a few weeks after they turned one, and it never seemed appropriate to me to put pictures where they might come across them.  However, with Hunter's second birthday tomorrow, I wanted to look back and remember her at this fun milestone.

"Cake pops" (oreos and cream cheese) that I made to go along with the orange and pink theme

 Tutu that I made from a Pinterest tutorial :-)

Sweet birthday girl in her dollar tree crown.  She picked it out herself.  :-)

 Party favors:  Bubble wands, rock candy, and pixie stix

 Pink and orange juices with paper umbrellas

 Precious shirt by my friend Ashley of Pumpkin Butter Kids

Homemade birthday banner courtesy of Pinterest

The spread.  These cakes from Cutie Cakes cost waaay less than if I had made them (and they look much better too). :-)

Hahaha I love her face here!  I know that sick, low-blood-sugar feeling oh too well.

There will not be a birthday of Hunter's that goes by without us thinking about sweet Scout and wishing he were running around right alongside Hunter.  We cherish every day and every milestone with our precious girl.  It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly, and that she is out of that baby stage.  I miss those days, but it is such a blessing to see her growing into the person that she will become.  We love you sweet girl!  

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